Shutters are a classic and timeless window treatment. They’re a flexible choice as you can adapt the amount of light you block out or let in — leaving the room bright or completely private. With a choice of styles, including café shutters, which cover half the window, to full-length designs and an occasional option of slat size, there is a style to suit every room. It’s also worth noting that shutters are great for awkward shaped windows – even curved ones. Not only are they great for insulation, they can also help keep noise out and as a desired window treatment, they may impress a few new buyers later down the line.


SASS provides Shutter Shield products exclusively.
Shutter Shield combines 65 combined years of custom craftsmanship with design ingenuity, architectural perfection, and quality second to none.


High quality aluminum makes shutters moisture and water resistant, while giving your space a clean, modern look.
Aluminum shutters are also fire resistant, and the anodized finish protects the shutter from direct sun exposure and saline mist.
Aluminum shutter components are made from stainless steel to avoid any rust and the paint used is baked, thus avoiding peeling and rust as well.
Moreover, our aluminum shutter gives the possibility for wider louver lengths as far as 5 to 6 feet in width and 10 feet in height, while maintaining structural integrity. This prevents any louver bowing or deflection. This structure also allows for the elimination of center rails.
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