Factory Direct Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what window coverings to choose from No problem! Here are a few questions to help you choose the perfect style for your home.

1. How much privacy to I and my family need?

When privacy is a must Shutters vs Blinds for example are suitable adjacent properties. A lowered louver can be tilt closed while keeping the top part of the shutter open for tier in tier shutter design allowing for complete privacy and light control.

2. What light control needs does this room require?

Spend time in the room during different times of the day to consider what kind of light blocking or light flow you want to incorporate in to the design.

3. What level of sun control do I need at this window?


4. Do I have a view I want to preserve?

While some shades will block a view, including shutters, others enhance the view. Products like cellular shades are easy to move out of the way to enjoy your view, and items like Hunter Douglas Silhouttes offer the ability to look THROUGH the shade. Window film will leave the view open completely, while still blocking the harmful UV rays from your home.

5. What type of cleaning or maintenance does my lifestyle require?

Hard treatments – such as wood or aluminum blinds – show dust more quickly than fabric shades do. In addition, while some curtains and draperies can be washed at home, many require dry cleaning and some fabric shades require other specialty cleaning techniques. Determine what level of maintenance works best for you before choosing a treatment, and be sure to ask your sales representative about those requirements before you buy.

6. What is my budget?

Determining your budget ahead of time will help you narrow your window treatment choices considerably. While custom draperies and high-end shades and blinds from companies like Hunter Douglas will be the most expensive options, there are many other companies offering similar products at lower prices. Often, you do get what you pay for, so be sure to choose the best products you can afford. If you purchase a very cheap blind, you may replace it several times over the years, while a higher-quality blind may last all of those years with trouble-free operation. Either way, having a budget in mind will help your design consultation or store rep guide you to the products that fit your budget.

7. What is my budget for window coverings?

There are window treatments available for almost any budget. Custom window treatments are more costly but can be well worth the investment. Depending on the window and the window treatment, they can be designed for beauty and functionality, suited specifically to your needs and window.

8. Don’t have the budget for custom window coverings?

There are also semi-custom options available. Below is a picture of semi-custom window panels we chose for a model home. They are a lovely complement to complete the room, adding softness, pattern and color.